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Lake Park Baseball

Welcome to the home of Duluth's Lake Park Baseball!

Lake Park provides fun and competitive baseball for players ages 4 through 10. Our coaches stress fundamentals at all levels and try to instill a love and respect of the game. We serve a large area that includes players from downtown Duluth to rural Duluth, from Congdon all the way to Two Harbors, and everywhere in between.

For kids ages 4-9 from the western side of Duluth, please visit For players 10 and over, visit

For social media updates and the latest photos and video, please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages:

Lake Park Field Schedule

Here is the field schedule for the first two weeks of Instructional Minor and Minor practices:

2023 Registration has moved to a waitlist!
If you would like to inquire about additional spots that may be open at the following levels, please email
For the 2023 season, Lake Park is offering three different levels. Deciding on which level is best for your player will depend on factors such as as age, skill level, social development, and friends. Here is a description of each level:


(*New in 2023!) Little Boppers Wiffle Ball (Intro to Baseball/Rookies)(registration closed 4/28)- We decided to revamp our rookie program to best serve the needs of our youngest players. We have moved to a two-nights a week model that will combine basic skill introduction and fun wiffle ball games. Each session will begin with throwing, hitting, and fielding mechanics using wiffle balls, tennis balls, and soft baseballs. Then, players and coaches will participate in a fun and fast-paced wiffle ball game. This will be an opportunity for kids to learn the basic rules of baseball while having fun smashing wiffle balls and running the bases. Kids will need to have their own baseball glove but a wiffle ball bat will be provided to each player! Practice and game nights will be Mondays and Wednesdays beginning May 31st and the recommended age is 4-6.

Instructional Minors (Coach Pitch) (registration closed 4/7/23, email about waitlist)- This level is when kids move to a regular sized field, use typical baseball equipment, and play by modified baseball rules. Sessions are divided into a team practice (where basic skills of throwing, hitting and fielding are stressed) and a game against an opposing team. Game play involves the coach pitching to players starting from about 25 to 30 feet away. Players will be required to have their own batting helmet, bat and a glove at this level. Practice and game nights will be Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 9th and the recommended age is 5-7.

Minors (Player Pitch)(registration closed 4/7/23, email about waitlist)- This is when baseball really starts looking like baseball! Kids will now be pitching to hitters, players will be allowed to steal bases, standings will be kept and the league playoffs will take place at the end of the season. Individual skills are still stressed during practice time but there is more incorporation of team concepts and situational play. Game nights will be Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 9th, with Sundays being a makeup day and optional practice day based on coach discretion. The recommended age is 7-10.

*Use the following link or the registration tab at the top of this page to register!

2023 Volunteer Tracking
Here's a link which includes everything you need to know in order to track your volunteer hours this year. It includes the links for the instructional minors and minors tracking system where you'll enter your hours.

2023 Volunteer Hour Tracking

Concession Stand Sign-Up

To sign up for concession stand timeslots, use this link. Concession stand volunteering counts towards your hours requirement. Minors and Instructional Minors families: After completing your shift, please also record your hours using the volunteer links that were emailed out and also found at the link above.

For general inquiries about Lake Park, please email us at

Rain Policy

Rain is always an issue in the summer. Games will be played in the rain as long as the field does not become unsafe. Any observed lightning, games will be haltedWait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observed lightning or thunder before resuming activities

The league covers a large geographic area, the players and parents should never assume that because it is raining in their area, it is raining at the fields. Please assume the game will be played unless you are notified otherwise.