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Concession Stand Volunteer Sign-up

With the season up and running the concession stand will be open Sunday through Thursday nights as games and practices continue throughout the spring and summer.  We encourage everyone interested to help by volunteering in our concession stand. 

We will be using Signup.Com to coordinate the volunteer hours for the concession stand.  Please sign up today via the following link:

SIGNUP.COM Concession Stand Volunteering

Rookies Still Accepting Registrations

The rookie season will begin on Sunday, June 2nd and teams have been established.  If you still would like your 4-6 year old to play t-ball this year, please register as soon as possible.  However, since teams have already been created, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be placed on a team with friends or coaches of your choice.  Please use the “Registration” tab at the top of the page to get signed up!

Also, please read this email that was already sent out to parents who registered:

My name is Keith Johnson and I will be the Lake Park rookie-level coordinator this year. As of now, the plan is to have the rookies play one game per week in June and July (starting June 2nd). Our one-hour sessions will primarily be on Sunday evenings with each session being split between skill work and games. If rainouts happen, we will look for makeup dates on other days of the week. Currently, I’m in the process of setting up teams based on the information provided to me through the online registration. This includes grouping siblings, friends, and requested coaches together. 

That being said, I’m on the lookout for parents who would be willing to coach. We have the potential for around eight or nine teams so it would be great to have a lot of willing volunteers. In all honesty, this level is about having fun and keeping kids focused. You do not need an advanced knowledge of the sport to be a good coach. Further, I will be providing coaches a weekly plan with some drills and activities that you can incorporate into your practice sessions.

If you would like to be a rookie coach this year, please email the Lake Park address ( and include “Rookie Coach” in the subject line. For everyone else, the next time you’ll likely receive an email will be when you hear from your child’s coach in the next two weeks. Our plan is to close registration on Friday, 5/17, so if you know anyone who is not yet registered, please have them do it soon. 

Let’s have a great season!

Keith Johnson


If you have any questions about the registration process, please email

Player Registration is Live


Rookies (4-6), Instruction Minors (6/7), & Minors (8/9)

Majors (10/11), Modified (12/13), Full Field (14/15)

* If you are registering players at both Lake Park and Duluth 709 Baseball, your discount will be applied through Lake Park Baseball.  Please email before registering to receive a discount code.

Coaches Registration

All Majors Coaches (Head Coaches and Assistants) that would like to coach Majors, please visit the Duluth 709 Baseball to register and get your name on the coaching list.

We will be using the Trusted Coaches program this year to register and run required background checks. All new and existing coaches will be required to register. Please

Duluth 709 Baseball - 2019 Registration IS LIVE!


Rain Policy

Rain is always an issue in the summer. Games will be played in the rain as long as the field does not become unsafe. Any observed lightning, games will be haltedWait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observed lightning or thunder before resuming activities

The league covers a large geographic area, the players and parents should never assume that because it is raining in their area, it is raining at the fields. Please assume the game will be played unless you are notified otherwise.